Hey Journal… 4-14-17

04.14.2017 Journaling

Hey Journal,

It’s Good Friday so I’m off from work! Yay! I had planned on sleeping in but my body decided that sleeping in was only going to be until 7:30am lol! It’s cool though, I used the time to my advantage while the little one was still sleeping šŸ™‚

I started my day off by starting a load of laundry and then doing a 1 mile aerobic workout. That workout kicked my butt since I haven’t been exercising like I should lately! It’s all good though because I have been making great progress with my healthier lifestyle changes! I’ve been eating a lot better for quite a while now and this is actually day 2 of me making sure I exercise twice a day (morning and evening)! Day 2 might sound like nothing but hey, I’m proud of my progress and I AM going to be consistent with it! Eating well and exercising 1-2 times a day.

Anyway, this morning after my workout, I attempted to make almond flour pancakes using unsweetened applesauce as my egg replacement. This was an epic fail… and it was my 2nd attempt! LOL ugh! I haven’t had pancakes in so long so I was trying to find a healthier alternative to white flour or packaged pancake mix. Looks like I’ll still be without pancakes because I just can’t get it right even following the recipe lol!

Since my first meal choice was a bit of a disaster, I decided to go with turkey bacon, avocado, and a scrambled egg. This meal I battled with for 2 reasons…

1… The turkey bacon. I don’t really eat pork so I went with turkey bacon. However, I’m trying to stay away from processed foods because I am healing from Hidradenitis Suppurativa (that’s another entry for next time). And since the ingredients in the turkey bacon weren’t just turkey itself, I kinda cringe and feel a bit weird when eating it. But I figured a little in moderation would be ok though? Hopefully.

2… The egg. I’ve stayed away from eggs for a couple of years now, again due to HS. I would have eggs every blue moon but other than that, I go without them. I had actually bought some vegan “eggs” which is some powdered stuff that you mix with water but then it brings me back to the processed foods issue. This vegan substitute was made of some ingredients that I’ve never heard of so again the cringe began when I tried eating it. I figured, if I’m going to have eggs, they should be real eggs and not a powdery substance of the unknown lol. In moderation, I’m hoping it’ll be fine.

I’m still trying to work out my breakfast meals though. Lately I’ve been having fruit and vegan oatmeal bites. However I’m thinking about cutting out the oatmeal bites too since grains can also be a trigger for HS.

For lunch today I’ll be having some chicken salad I made with avocados instead of mayo. I’ll have it on a bed of lettuce too. Yumm!

Lol this entry became about food really fast! Shall we move on?!

I think I’m going to use the rest of my day to finish my laundry, do some house hold cleaning, go shopping for Easter outfits for my daughter and I, take time to do my hair and nails, and do some reading on stationery. Oh, and I’m also going to the Good Friday service at my Faith Church this evening! Excited for that!

Well, I better get going with the rest of my day. Until next time Journal… Thanks for listening.

– Crystal J

Loves of Childhood

03.30.2017 Journaling

So, here I am meeting with a client at Panera to go over her website. After we took care of things, we began to chat further. That conversation had to be a bit of a God whisper because as I was encouraging and giving advice to her, it really spoke to me as well. I could take the exact same advice I gave and apply it to my life as well!

One of the biggest “whispers” I received during our conversation was to go back to childhood… go back to the things I did and loved as a child. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve been led back to childhood to find old loves. This was like a tap on the shoulder reminder for me to actually do it *lol* Like God was saying, “Hey, remember when I told you to get back to the things you loved in your childhood? Well, I still want you to do that!” Well ladies and gents, I’m going to do it! I may trip and fall a long the way but there’s nothing stopping me from getting right back up if I do!

It’s actually very exciting! I explored so much as a child and there’s quite a few things that I really enjoyed doing… singing, collecting, writing, and much more. It will be a lot of fun picking some of these things back up!

One of the things my pastor, Pastor Nicole Crank at Faith Church, talked about is going back to childhood because as a child we were full of so much faith and imagination! We believed anything was possible… it still is! Going back to childhood won’t only give me an opportunity to explore old loves again… It will also remind me that anything IS possible with God and I can use those old loves to reach people in the present!

How amazing is that?! šŸ™‚

Welcome 2017!!!

01.02.2017 Journaling

OMGosh!! It’s 2017 y’all! I am sooo excited to be entering the New Year! There’s so much in store and I’m super excited! This past New Year’s weekend has been a great close to my 2016. I spent time with my family and friends and it was an all around good time. Now, I’m ready for an abundant 2017! I hope you all enjoyed your final festivities of 2016 and brought the New Year in with a bang!

Here’s to the start of Banner Years!

Fun with the Spiralizer

12.15.2016 Health, The Yummy Stuff
zucchini noodles

So I’ve been trying to incorporate more raw, plant based foods into my diet lately. I even got myself a spiralizer so that I could make some zucchini noodle dishes! I’m not even going to lie y’all… I was super excited to get my spiralizer! I couldn’t wait to make veggie noodles especially because I love pasta but since I’m trying to eat better, making veggie noodles was the next best thing.

I had found a recipe on YouTube from FullyRaw Kristina that I thought would be really yummy and I went for it. The dish is a mango avocado sauce over zucchini noodles. I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand so I just used what I had… Mango, avocado, and lemon. I might look a little weird, but it was delicious! I enjoy mangoes and avocados so I didn’t mind the combination at all… yum!

Here is another dish I kind of free-styled on before I got my spiralizer. It was supposed to be more of a sauce but turned out to be like a salsa. It was still very tasty though. I ate it over zucchini the first day. The next day, I ate the left overs on toast (of course the toast wasn’t raw but I haven’t learned how to make raw vegan ‘bread’ yet!)

raw salsa

I can’t wait to try more fun, yummy recipes! I’m trying to make this journey to a healthier lifestyle as fun as possible so I’ll definitely be trying lots until I get things just right šŸ˜‰

The Last Straw

12.09.2016 Health, Life

As mentioned in past posts, I was sick for quite some time in 2016. No fun at all. Well, today I went to the dentist and that was the last straw for me in regards to being unhealthy. I went to the dentist because I have to get one of my wisdom teeth taken out later this month. During my consultation visit today, I learned that I have a few cavities! This news caught me by surprise because I’ve never really had cavities before and I thought I was taking pretty good care of my teeth.

On my way home I did a little reading about naturally healing cavities and something in me was just like, “this is soo the last straw… I’ve got to get healthy!” For quite some time now my body has been telling me (yes telling me in so many ways!) that it’s time to get healthier; that it’s time to start over with my health. My heart strings have been being tugged a lot lately in regards to changing my lifestyle to a more healthier one. I’ve been gravitating heavily towards a more plant based, raw, vegan diet and my visit to the dentist solidified my decision.

Doing it for Total Health

Now I’ve heard of people changing their diets for weight loss, because they think it’s cool, and many other reasons. For me though, this is more than just about my diet. For me, this is about my total health! With me having been very ill for almost a whole year, I have dealt with and still am dealing with a lot of health issues and I DO NOT want that anymore!

With the research I’ve done on some of the things I’ve dealt with during my time of being sick, almost all things kept pointing me to change my diet. I’ve dropped most dairy, eggs, pork, and even started juicing. Though I’ve seen some results and progress in my health, I still feel the need to go even further to achieve my healthiest self. Eating a more plant based, raw diet seems to be the best for ME and MY health right now.

When I think about how sick I was, all I can say is I never want to go back to that place! And, if all I have to do is change my lifestyle to help me from ever going back to that place, then what am I waiting for?!

I’m not going to lie though… it’s a bit scary and I know it will probably be a bit of a challenge at first but I’m willing to face that challenge and try the best that I can. I don’t know exactly how I’ll do it but I’m trying. I’ve already started incorporating more raw foods into my everyday eating. Now, I just have to take it up a notch. Pray for me as I embark on this journey y’all! The end goal for me is to get to my healthiest self and I’m going to give it my all! No more being sick! I’ve gotta get ready for my banner years that are ahead of me!